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    • daved26

      Whatashock, an arrogant otaku who thinks he understands Japan after watching Cowboy Bebopafew times with no manners or respect for culture. Sorry, but an entire nation isn’t something you can role play onceaweek at the sushi shop. Other people’s cultures aren’tatoy for you to play with. Keep your racist objectification to yourself.  Unless you haveareal reason to follow the norms of sushi (i.e., you’re in Japan, or your Japanese friend is teaching you), it’s just as well for you to eat it however you feel is appropriate. Because,Ipromise you, you aren’t impressing the sushi chef with your sushi dipping skills. You aren’t impressing anyone.  Eat sushi inaway that you find most polite and appropriate according to the social norms you were raised in. The rest is just role playing. Don’t be “that guy” that ruins the sushi bar for everyone else.

    • daved26

      No one actually cares if you dip the sushi in rice-side first. Mixing wasabi and soy sauce is common practice. You don’t have to “preserve” the beauty of sushi because it is just food. It’s notarare and delicate art-it’s simply that Japanese people putalot into the appearance of their food. My wife complains ifIstack the spaghetti on her plate wrong, ok? You don’t have to haveafit over how beautiful your sushi is. It’s just lined up on your plate. You can line your chicken wings on your plate at the bar if you want, and it would have the same effect.  One thing you missed that IS an actual rule is don’t take apart your sushi. That is seen as inappropriate. Otherwise, most of these “rules” are either common sense in Japan (i.e., not special to sushi, and therefore things you have no obligation to do outside of Japan) or not actually rules that anyone cares about. Japanese people are just as happy to eat sushi made in the grocery store as they are sushi made byachef-so, DON’T preserve the beauty of sushi, DO dip the sushi in soy sauce however you damn well please, DO place the chopsticks wherever they are most convenient, and GO AHEAD an point your chopsticks at your friend because who givesashit about the minutiae of Japanese manners IF YOU’RE NOT IN JAPAN? Seriously, what is it about sushi that makes white people go INSANE?

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