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23 Satisfying Mega Drive Memories That Nintendo Kids Missed Out On

Will anything in life ever top knocking your mates off their bikes on Road Rash?

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4. Fighting the Seven Force boss in Gunstar Heroes.

Treasure / Via

It was literally seven bosses in one: A robot, gun, urchin, tiger, crab, eagle, and a beast with a spiked tail. In short, it made Bowser look like a piece of crap.


21. Not to mention the iconic and meaningless "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" intro to Zero Wing.

Toaplan / Via

The intro was so random, which is what made it so entertaining. Plus it had so little to do with the game, which was actually pretty decent.

22. Playing games after bedtime and not getting caught thanks to this headphone jack:

Charlie Sorrel / Via Wired

Finally, a way to listen to that sweet, sweet Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack without getting grounded.