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    Posted on Mar 22, 2017

    18 Life-Changingly Fun And Geeky Things To Do In Edinburgh

    Fancy getting leathered at a Game of Thrones-themed bar, or playing Mario Kart while eating fried chicken? The possibilities are endless in the capital.

    1. Chuck your change into the cabinets at Konbo.

    2. Eat crispy chicken and play N64 games at Wings.

    Your friendship may not survive a few GoldenEye death matches ("bagsie Odd-Job!"), but you can at least scoff some tasty chicken at Wings together. Oh and you also win a Nerf cannon if you finish a bowl of their suicide hot wings. Challenge accepted!

    3. Get dressed up at Edinburgh Comic Con.

    4. Or use the Force at Capital Sci-Fi Con.

    5. Play games while you dance to indie hits courtesy of We Throw Switches at The Caves.

    We Throw Switches put on gaming indie club nights as well as installations, tournaments, and developer showcases. Basically, they want to get games out of the house and into interesting places, like these spooky vaults underneath the city.

    6. Step into a new world at the Virtual Reality Arcade.

    7. Browse new comics and rare finds at Deadhead Comics.

    8. Or browse the options at Forbidden Planet.

    9. Put your phones away and play board games at Tabletop Café.

    Grab some pals, tell your phones to "get tae", and gather round to crush armies and fight intergalactic space battles over coffee and ludicrously tasty doughnuts at this board game café in the historic centre of town.

    10. Or grab a toastie and a pint at The Mousetrap.

    Facebook: themousetraped / Via

    This Leith pub is literally wallpapered with game references, and their back room is a mini-arcade stocked with plenty of board games. Don't try their shot roulette wheel on an empty stomach – their vodka tabasco mixer will give you the fear.

    11. Wage miniature battles at the Warhammer shop.

    12. Play the arcade games at Megabowl Fountainpark.

    13. Or go even more retro at Gamesmasters in Leith.

    14. Catch them all in Waverley Mall.

    15. Play tons of card games at Games Hub.

    16. Quaff cappuccinos while bombing your pals' battleships at Noughts and Coffees.

    17. Find your next adventure at Black Lion Games.

    18. And finally, get leathered in a world of TV fantasy at the Game of Thrones-themed Blood and Wine Bar.

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