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Twenty Delicious Things To Enjoy In Pittsburgh, PA (Other Than A Primanti's Sandwich)

Pittsburgh, PA is a city that offers a variety of delicious foods as colorful and full of life as it's people. A city made up of dozens of neighborhoods, each with it's own flavor. You can eat your way around Pittsburgh and sample cuisine from all over the world. From south-of-the-border style hot dogs and Polish cuisine, to Asian treats to greasy-yet-satisfying bar awesomeness, the Steel City will capture your stomach then take your heart hostage. * This is in no way a dig at the legendary Primanti's Bros. sandwich, the Steel City just has so much more to offer besides meat, slaw, and Italian bread.

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1. French Fries at The Original Hot Dog Shop

Hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, you can get a number of greasy treats at this Pittsburgh landmark enjoyed by college students, locals, and weekend drunks. BTW...this is the SMALL.

3. Pancakes at Pamela's Diner

These thin crepe-like pancakes are fantastic! Soft and sweet in the middle, crispy and crunchy on the outside. Each Pamela's location is a destination for out-of-towners looking for Sunday brunch. President Obama once flew the owners to the White House to make pancakes for the Martin Luther King, Jr. breakfast.

4. Challah French Toast at Coca Cafe

This small spot located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh is an extremely popular Sunday morning destination. The challah French toast is a favorite! Egg bread dipped in a vanilla batter, melted brie, fresh berries. Unreal!

5. Wings at Sidelines Bar and Grill

With locations both north and south of the city, Sidelines is a sports bar with food so good it attracts people too concentrated on their plates to watch the Pens' game. The chicken wings are fried to crispy awesomeness and you can get them in an insanely wide variety of flavors.

*I highly suggest the Hot Garlic BBQ sauce!

6. Tijuana Street Dog at Round Corner Cantina

A hot dog topped with fresh cilantro, salsa, cheese, and a creamy and spicy sauce, you really can't beat a street dog and a margarita on the huge back patio of this Lawrenceville Mexican themed hangout.

7. Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Fuel 'N Fuddle

A wood fire oven pizza drizzled with blue cheese is a great way to end an evening. With 1/2 price menu options most nights, this Oakland bar is a popular spot for University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon students.

8. Fish Sandwich at Wholey's Fish Market

Let's keep it real, this is simply two big batter dipped fish fillets in between two small pieces of bread. No frills, nothing fancy, just fried delicious fish at one of Pittsburgh's landmark markets located in the Strip District. Why get this amazing fishy monstrosity? #YOLO!

10. Macaroons at Jean Marc's

Okay, technically Millvale isn't located within the Pittsburgh city limits. This small fact doesn't stop a huge line from forming outside of this little French bakery every weekend. The famous macaroons come in flavors from chocolate and vanilla, to pistachio and nutella!

11. Burgers at Tessaro's

Located in Bloomfield (an historic neighborhood known as "Pittsburgh's Little Italy"), Tessaro's giant burgers are as much a landmark as the community! Grilled over wood fire and with a variety of toppings to choose from, you've never been so happy to be so full!

13. Pork Soup Dumplings at Everyday Noodles

Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood is an amazing mixture of Jewish families, students, and Asian immigrants. You can take a walk along Forbes Ave, down Murray, up Shady, and back to Forbes and pass by Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Thai restaurants!

14. Pastries at La Gourmandine French Bakery

The golden brown and wonderful French pastries available at this new Butler Street bakery are astounding.

*The almond croissant is so delicious it makes you want to cry!

15. Beef Taco from The Pittsburgh Taco Truck

A number of food trucks have sprung up around Pittsburgh recently. The most popular and sought after though is the Pittsburgh Taco Truck. With fresh ingredients and friendly chef, when you see this truck rolling by you'll feel that you saw Bigfoot riding a unicorn covered in glitter!!

16. ALL OF THIS at Franktuary

Formally located in the basement of a church, Franktuary has become one of the most popular eatin' spots in all of Pittsburgh. With toppings that include a huge assortment of pickled veggies and mustards, this place is always worth the trip!

17. Sundae at Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor

Sometimes it's not just the food that's the treat, sometimes it's the atmosphere that's the reason to visit a location. Take your Nana or PopPop down to the Strip District for an Egg Cream!

18. The Roethlisburger at Peppi's

Another Strip District landmark. This HUGE hoagie has steak, egg, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Named for the Steelers' two time Super Bowl winning quarterback Ben Roethlisburger.

19. Bar Food at Squirrel Hill Cafe

This Squirrel Hill dive is lovingly referred to as "The Cage" (short for "The Squirrel Cage"). It's smoky, kind of cramped, and full of a colorful mix of hipsters and yinzers. The food is greasy and just perfect to accompany a tall, cold PBR!

20. Turner's Iced Tea

Way before "Pittsburgh Dad" started yelling at his kids like a lunatic with a drawn on goatee (whoops), this Pittsburgh brewed treat was quenching the thirst of the entire Steel City! TURNER'S ICED TEA TILL WE D.I.E.!

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