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    • Dave 2000

      While I’m all for publicly shaming people who express racist views, I have to question whether a public school should be able to discipline a student for expressing a racist viewpoint about a public figure in a non-school forum.  Some of schools contacted by Jezebel are private schools, and a private school both legally and logically has more leeway to discipline students than a public school. Similarly, I can see that a public school should have some ability to discipline students for actions toward other students that do not occur on school grounds - for example, disciplining a student for directing racial ephithets at a fellow student even if that action didn’t occur at school. Even for students under 18, however, I have a tough time with the idea of public schools disciplining students for political statements made outside of a school setting. As much as I disagree with the statements, calling the President a racial epithet is clearly political speech protected from government censorship by the First Amendment (though it would cross a line and lose legal protection if it directly makes a threat or calls for violence).

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