The 12 Things You Saw At The BYUI Flood Last Night

It was literally a disaster, but BYUI students made the most of it.

1. A Lot of floating couches

Honestly I didn’t even know they would float!

Good excuse as ever to renovate EVERYTHING in the apartment.

2. A Lot of floating people

Even though you were floating in poo water, it looked strangely fun.

3. A Lot of interesting ways to get around

This guy deserves a medal!

4. A Lot of helpful people

Disasters have a way of bringing out the humanity in us. Countless hours were spent bailing out apartments, hopes and salvaging personal belongings.

5. At least a dozen broken doors, walls and windows

Chuck Norris was here!

6. Thousands of people praying the testing center would be closed

Let’s take this as a sign that finals aren’t suppose to happen this semester.

7. A Lot of missionaries doing what they do best!

Hopefully this is the last time they pray for a “unity building experience.”

8. First responders doing what they do best

Shout out to the all the Boys in Blue, and the Girls too! Great work!

9. Lots of stuff where it just didn’t belong

Do I want to keep this pack of Q-Tips?

10. Irony Everywhere

I didn’t realize this test would be so practical.

11. Some people just having a good time

Add a fancy drink with an umbrella in it, and welcome to paradise.

12. The people who would do anything to stay dry

It’s going to happen man, sooner or later!

And the people that just didn’t care

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