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A Few Things Mexicans Have, That Americans Don't

Although life is great in the land of the free and the home of the brave, there are a few things you may not realize you don't have. Lucky for you, these ten things are just a hop, a skip away and a plane ticket away. Don't just drive to Tijuana though, that doesn't count. Here are 8 things Mexicans have that Americans don't.

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Un-Americanized Mexican Food

On thing you will notice after living in Mexico for a while is that there are many Mexican dishes that just don't exist at all in the US. Yes it's true, Mexicans eat A TON of tacos, but there are way more flavors and styles than are available in the United States. Also, there are many location based dishes, like Chiles en Nogada, Mole de Cadera, Tacos Arabes and so much more that you just won't see in your neighborhood Mexican restaurant.

3 Pesos Little Cokes / Via

The average bottle of Coke costs about $1.60 in the US. As soon as you walk, drive, or swim into Mexico that price drops to somewhere around $0.70. However coke also sells a 200ml bottle for a whopping $3 MXN, thats $0.22 USD.

A whole lot of fruit you have never heard of / Via Instagram: @davoncreative

The first time you see fruit like leechis, it may be surprising that people eat these little Nerf balls. But, rest assured that although fruits like zapote negro, gunabana, maguey, leeches, cheyotes, and green oranges aren't common in the US, they are a regular part of many Mexicans' diets.

A Plethera of Pyrimids

Experts estimate that there are anywhere between 240-300 pyramids in Mexico, twice as many as Egypt. Some of the largest in the world are here in Mexico. Of the most famous are the Pyramid of the Sun, outside Mexico city, and the Jungle book like Palenque (shown above).

A Bakery on Every Corner with Sweet Bread

Mmm, pan dulce. If you haven't tried Mexican sweet bread, then your missing out. Fortunately, there are bakeries called "panaderias" on almost ever street and corner, so pan dulce is easy to find and try. It's crazy that Americans buy their bread prepackaged in places like Walmart when there is bread like this out there.

Day of the Dead


Americans haven't quite figured out that three holidays are better than one. Holidays like Dia de los Muertos and Easter ofter three days instead of just having one specific date. You can expect to see parades, ofrendas, people dressed up, and many cultural events all week long.

Temperate weather, all year around

Although it can get cold in 7000ft elevation cities like Mexico City, you will never see it snow. In fact most parts of Mexico probably never drop below 45º F, 65º on the coast. Just remember that this winter when it drops below -40º F for your polar vortex and all, although I hate to rub that fact in.

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