20 Common Mistakes Twentysomethings Make When Giving Life Advice

To speak or not to speak? That is the question.

1. Thinking that because they read an insightful advice article, they can write one.

You will never be as cool as From Rush to Rehab. Stop trying.

2. Repeating the same things another article said, only in a less articulate manner.

3. Thinking you’re amazingly awesome and everyone should get on your level.

4. Assuming the reader is stupid.

Is it really necessary to tell people to “wrap it before they tap it”?

5. Trying too hard to be interesting.

6. Writing too many tips.

Especially if only three of them are worth reading.

7. Trying to sound profound, but making absolutely no sense.

Calling alcohol “the sauce” doesn’t make you sound any smarter.

8. Attempting to be funny, but really just sounding like a pompous asshole.

Paul Hudson, just because you love anal doesn’t mean everyone else does. #Shocker

9. Having no idea what they’re doing with their own life, but telling others how to live theirs.

So he’s interested in a lot of things, but isn’t really that great at any of them?

10. Purposefully pissing people off just to be internet famous.

Do you really want to be known as the asshole who told people to date girls with eating disorders because they are vulnerable and don’t need expensive dinners?

11. Assuming that because their own romantic life hasn’t been successful, dating and relationships are a waste of time.

12. Thinking the key to a healthy sexual relationship is borderline rape.

You can edit it all you want, Elite Daily, we still saw the original post.

13. Contradicting themselves. A lot.

Don’t waste your time with dating.
Have fun dating!
Don’t be afraid to fall in love.
Love will ruin your life!

14. Sounding incredibly selfish.

You’re actually not alone in the world. There are 7 billion other people. Stop pretending you’re the only one who matters.

15. Giving advice that “applies to everyone” but is really only for a certain sex…

16. Or certain social class.

17. Constantly telling people to travel, but conveniently leaving out how expensive the trips are.

18. Writing about how to successfully make money, when in reality they are broke.

Or inherited everything they own from their parents.

19. Telling people to be a trendsetter instead of a trend follower in an article they are writing specifically to follow a trend.

20. But for real, you’re all just embarrassing yourselves.

Please, stop.

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