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15 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Completely Lost It

Man, he's one committed actor.

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1. That time he was so excited he just couldn't hide it.

Warner Bros. / Via

2. That time he hated astronomy.

20th Century Fox / Via

3. That time he made a frightening Jack Nicholson face.

4. And whatever face this is.

Warner Bros. / Via

That hair though.

5. That time he looked like a prisoner of Azkaban.

6. That time he got angry cause he wanted some peace and quiet.

New Line Cinema / Via

7. Like, really angry.

20th Century Fox / Via

8. Like, really, really angry.

Columbia Pictures / Via

9. Like, ready-to-murder-someone-angry.

Columbia Pictures / Via

10. Or that time his tongue had a mind of its own.

20th Century Fox / Via

11. And don't forget about this utterly depressing moment.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Yep. Still better than Kim.

12. Or that time he just couldn't deal.

Paramount Pictures / Via

I want to be that fist.

13. That time he tried to attack a candle.

Fire has nothing on you, Leo.

14. That time he listened to a really funny joke.

15. And most importantly, that time he showed off his killer dance moves.

Paramount Pictures / Via

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