Pulling Your Crush At The Office Christmas Party

You’ve been waiting for the Christmas party at work all year. Mostly because you needed 12 months to figure out how to properly hit on your crush, turns out all you needed was alcohol. The parts of you and your crush and played by Santana and Quinn from Glee. We live in our own little fantasy world sometimes. More lesbian LOLs, life stories and everything else at Dattch.com

1. First of all, you arrive looking fabulous.

2. Everyone starts having a few small drinks to begin with.

3. You have the obligatory conversation with your bosses and tell a winning joke.

4. And then you see her: your office crush, chatting to colleagues.

5. Immediately you started to have naughty thoughts.

She’s so cute and it’s Christmas, maybe I should hit on her a little bit.

6. You don’t talk to her right away. You need some courage.

Shots are just normal drinks just faster, right?

7. People start busting out their cringiest dance moves.

8. Your crush moves nearer to you, brushing up next to you a little.

9. After a few more drinks, you end up dancing with her.

“Her hair smells like cinnamon.”

10. She quickly dodges the office manager who’s clearly pissed and heading your way.

11. You pull her to the side, not wanting to do anything in front of your work mates.

Let’s at least attempt to be discreet.

12. With no idea if she’s gay, straight, bi or horny, you suggest leaving quietly.

Oh it is on.

13. She’s up for it.

14. You go home and have an amazing night together.

15. And you were all:

We believe this is called ‘winning at life’.

16. But when you wake up, she wants to have ‘a talk’.

You get it. She wants it to be a one-time thing. You were both drunk, it’s Christmas yaddah yaddah yaddah.

17. All things considered, it was a better night than what you had originally planned.

Just like every other year.

18. After that, there’s a friendly but sometimes awkward vibe at work.

Welp. It was good while it lasted.

19. But it’s OK, you’ve just spotted the new temp at reception.

20. More lesbian LOLs at Dattch.com

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