13 Times The Whisper App Sucked For Lesbians

A lot of people ask us at Dattch.com why we started our community of lesbian bisexual and queer women. It's because this is what the Internet can be like for lesbian, bi and queer women; it's a hot mess of guys pretending to be girls, rampant homophobia or just guys being disgusting. Take a look at the anonymous messaging app, Whisper. Now there's a lot of fun to be had on the app but here's what happens when you search the Whisper app for the word 'lesbian'. Screengrabs from the app also include super fun and encouraging tags too.

Dattch.com • 3 years ago

The 10 Most Lesbian Moments Of The 90s

To celebrate her upcoming Edinburgh show, Nineties Woman, comedian and writer Rosie Wilby talked to Dattch.com about the most lesbian things that happened in the 90s. Let's all put on some denim, feather our hair and get out our Dr Martens to celebrate this formative decade.

Dattch.com • 3 years ago

The 15 Times Women Wore The Hell Out Of A Suit

After we saw Nigella Lawson looking hot as hell in a suit we decided to celebrate other women who looked damn good when they suited up.

Dattch.com • 4 years ago