17 Life Lessons From Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is our spirit animal and she has taught how to be proper human beings. Let’s all bask in her goodness. Find more lesbo articles, pictures and LOLs at Dattch.com

1. Be modest.

Ellen will happily tell you that she’s the most modest of anyone, anywhere.

2. Always mean well when you joke with friends.

If your friends can’t take a good-natured ribbing from you, maybe you’re not really that close. Or you just aren’t funny. Either way.

3. Turn negatives into positives.

4. Make the most of every opportunity.


5. Remember that beauty is not measured by a number.

Girl knows what she’s talking about.

6. Do a spit-take at least once in your life.

7. Whenever possible, wear onesies with Ryan Gosling.

You could wear them at home without him but it might not be the same.

8. You don’t have to ask about somebody’s sexuality.

It’s none of yo bidniss.

9. Don’t be a hypocrite.


10. Know what your values are.

And be prepared to fight people who question you.

11. Don’t use humour to pick on someone. Pick on yourself.

You can take it but don’t expect other people to.

12. Be generous with whatever you have.

OK, in Ellen’s case it’s millions of dollars but if all you have is a bag of jelly beans, spread the love.

13. Remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Next time someone copies your outfit, don’t get mad, take photos and smile.

14. Play pranks every now and then.

They’re good for the soul.

15. Laugh. Always.

It’s good for everything.

16. And dance.

Every chance you get.

17. Oh, and if you get the chance to be Nicki Minaj, take it.

There’s no real reason to pass up this opportunity if it ever arises.

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