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11 GIFs That Are Totally Your Dating Life

Your dating life might need some work, but you aren't alone. Watch E!'s Dating #NoFilter.

1. You think about people you've dated in the past, and you're shook.

2. You think you've found your soulmate, but then they show you who they really are.

3. Some people call it arguing, but you call it foreplay.

4. You thought you were gonna go out with a doctor, but, hey, close enough.

5. You insist you don't have walls up. You MIGHT have a taser — but no walls.

6. You are too afraid to ask if they see a future with you.

7. Every time you tell yourself, "Don't fall for them... Don't fall for them..."

8. You think you're over your ex, but then rage comes out at unexpected times.

9. You're so smitten that everything — we mean, EVERYTHING — is joyful.

10. You have nothing in common with 'em, but mama taught you to be positive.

11. Then you FINALLY get to that comfy stage with someone, and it makes it all worth it!

All images courtesy of E!

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