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  • Happy Hump-Day!

    The most adorable head nodding sleep-slip ever. If you were half this cute maybe your Govy professor wouldn’t get quite so mad at you when you “relax” during your 8:45am IR class. Via View Media ›

  • Cupcakes for Breakfast!

    In the time it takes to make waffles, you can have 8 tiny cupcakes. Imagine: it’s the first week of December and you are already sick of second grade. You wake up one morning to the smell of something sweet and delicious wafting up to your room, the tiny one tucked away in the corner of the third floor with the Winnie-The-Pooh wallpaper. You know that smell can mean only one thing and a quick glance out the circle window confirms it: Snow Day. You race down the stairs and slide into the kitchen, socks slipping on the cold tiles. Your mom turns around with a plate of steaming waff—wait, what’s this? Cupcakes? Cupcakes! Chocolate chip ones with little triangle hats of cream-cheese frosting, oh, oh, the world is good to seven year olds. Via

  • The Secret to Winning

    Well, to winning The New Yorker, which you probably only consider winning if you are the farest, leftest, liberalist elitist. Which, if you are scanning these befuddling interwebs, you probably are. Enjoy!

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