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Is Aberdeen About To Get A Spaceport?

Aberdeen to be the location of the UK's first Space Port?

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5. What? / Via

Following the introduction of Space Industry Bill by the UK’s government it seems that Aberdeen, the energy centre of Europe, is getting in on the act.

The domain for has been registered and there is a website there now. Check it out!

According to Aberdeenshire Council's economic plan, they want to increase the tourism output of the region and there's no denying a working Spaceport would attract more people to the city.

4. More Details / Via

On the website there is a video showing ASP's Program Director giving more information about the project, along with members of the public giving their opinions on the development. It also has an artist rendering of what the space port might look like.

Also in the works is a VR 360 degree preview of the proposed spaceport and the team are wanting to work with local institutions and businesses to get the public involved and inspire the next generation.

3. Where?

There seems to be a few different proposed locations for the spaceport. The space around the current Aberdeen harbour (which the new one will replace) seems a natural choice. As does putting the port offshore. Aberdeen's engineers definitely have the know how to design and build a massive project offshore. This would also make the project safer and build on Elon Musk's SpaceX offshore platform for returning rocket stages.

2. The Future?

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Aberdeen is well placed to host a project such as this. With so many multinational energy companies being based in the city, the infrastructure is in place as well as the talented workforce required for such a feat. If the Oil industry is in decline this could be exactly what the City needs to keep its place as a technological hub.

Whether the Spaceport is developed remains to be seen. There are other locations within the UK also planning on a commercial spaceport so the future for UK's space industry looks to be bright!

1. Liftoff

The UK government wants a commercial SpacePort to be build by 2020, and if the website is to be believed, the Aberdeen SpacePort team aims to match this target.

Who knows if this project will really take off. But would you like to see a viable SpacePort in Aberdeen? Let us know in the comments below

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