14 Signs You’re A UConn Husky

Connecticut UConn Husky, Symbol of Might to the Foe…

1. You’ve become accustomed to your enrollment at the “University of Construction”

Storrs Center…why?

Construction. Everywhere.

2. You were a student during the Historic Logo Change

The 1959 one’s always a classic

3. But really. 1959 embodies UConn.

Wow. Such majestic. So Huskies.

4. You’ve endured the UConn Wind Tunnel

Fairfield Way = Bad Hair Day

5. The lines for Pasta Bar, Ted’s, or really, just any event with free t-shirts make you scream internally.

6. Unicycles don’t impress you anymore

Via Justyna Gordon

Action shot from the field. UConn is a unicycle paradise, for some reason.

7. You’ve attended/witnessed the spectacle that is Late Night Karaoke.

“Yeah!” by Usher is UConn’s unofficial anthem

8. You hate scooters.

Hate them.

9. You’ve felt uncomfortable because of people yelling or holding signs on campus

I just want to walk to class.

10. Student Admin and UConnSECURE have betrayed you many times.


11. You’ve bonded with someone on the bus, or at the bus stop, waiting for it to finally show up.

Come here often?

12. Every time you go outside in the winter, you feel death approaching as your soul slowly freezes over.

But really, you’re pretty sure Storrs is the coldest place in the world. Because, science.

13. You know Textbook Buyback is a sham.

You can’t fool me.

14. You’ve grown to love your campus.

Oh, Wilbur Cross, you are majestic. Storrs can be a beautiful place.

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