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    • darshas

      id be careful to order from Pebby Forevee who made The Lion King shirt (number 6). I ordered 2 shirts from them a month ago and they blatantly ripped me off. They only sent me one of the shirts and charged me for both. I attempted to contact them over 3 times and filed a complaint with the better business bureau and they still havent responded. Its not about the timing of the shirt, but to not tell me anything at all is just terrible customer service. They havent told me if they made a mistake or forgot the shirt (because that would be fine) but they have just completely ignored me. Terrible terrible terrible business. Read customer reviews on facebook too because im not the only customer who has had issues. BEWARE DO NOT ORDER FROM PEBBY FOREVEE. They will take your money and not send you the product you ordered

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