Abrams tried. But ultimately she could not, for now, preserve her supporters' idea of democracy in Georgia.

Darren Sands • One day ago

But Abrams did not end her fight against voter suppression, with a speech condemning Republican Brian Kemp.

Darren Sands • 3 days ago

On "Mayor Andrew Gillum Sunday," the candidate for governor and his family — and a dozen or so campaign staffers — paused to worship at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Darren Sands • 8 days ago

Andrew Gillum says he has been torn over how best to handle Trump and his Republican opponent, Ron DeSantis, whom Trump's so tightly allied with.

Darren Sands • 14 days ago

“My mama is beside herself,” Florida's Democratic gubernatorial candidate told BuzzFeed News.

Darren Sands • 17 days ago

Max Rose is pitching himself as a veteran for the forgotten man in the straight-talking, swashbuckling, swamp-draining mold of Donald Trump.

Darren Sands • 19 days ago

The perils of the road to the presidency — and a life and business he loves — may ultimately keep Deval Patrick away from the Democratic primary. It’s just that he’s running into an awful lot of reasons to think that maybe they shouldn’t.

Darren Sands • 27 days ago

The state's gubernatorial candidates met for the first time Sunday night, in a debate that set the stage for the final weeks of a heated midterm campaign.

Darren Sands • 29 days ago

The fight over 53,000 voter applications is something Abrams prepared for.

Darren Sands • One month ago

Liberal groups are pouring money into learning how to turn out young people of color, and what they’re finding looks a lot like the Democrats running in Georgia and Florida.

Darren Sands • One month ago

Ayanna Pressley, who won a tight Boston primary last month, said if Brett Kavanaugh “had an iota of decency” he would withdraw his Supreme Court nomination.

Darren Sands • One month ago

Mia Love, in a competitive House race, is the only Republican in the Congressional Black Caucus, and she's built close relationships in the group.

Darren Sands • One month ago

“I'm, like, three weeks away from going to register as an independent. I really am.”

Darren Sands • 2 months ago

The Congressional Black Caucus PAC and EMILY’s List missed out on an election that will likely bring a dynamic black woman to Congress.

Darren Sands • 2 months ago

Another Democratic incumbent falls to a member of his own party.

Darren Sands • 2 months ago

There's a reason that young people of color packed a downtown Jacksonville bar with just a few hours' notice.

Darren Sands • 2 months ago
Darren Sands • 2 months ago

It's a unity effort, behind candidates who have gotten a fair amount of hype but could need help to win.

Darren Sands • 2 months ago

Andrew Gillum has run an untested campaign strategy in one of the most competitive statewide races in the country — an at times unsteady, but compelling effort — ahead of Tuesday’s primary. Will it work?

Darren Sands • 2 months ago