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    • Darrellll

      What, no John Kacere? Lee Price’s entry here looks like a direct homage to Kacere. John C. Kacere (June 23, 1920, Walker, Iowa – August 5, 1999, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) was an American artist. Originally an Abstract-Expressionist, Kacere adopted a photorealist style in 1963. Nearly all of his photorealist paintings depict the midsection of the female body. He is considered one of the original photorealists,[1] although he rejected the term.
      Kacere painted his first photorealist painting in 1969 involving the midsection of a woman dressed in lingerie. It was over three times life size.[2] Kacere continued this type of painting throughout the rest of his career, making it an icon of the photorealism movement.[3] In the early 1980s he branched away from this theme and included the entire body of a woman in lingerie, but returned to his original midsection of the female body in 1988.[2] Kacere’s paintings are figurative but still can be considered still lifes or even landscapes.[3]

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