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What Happens When You Deactivate Facbook

I decided to deactivate my Facebook as a "social cleanse". I also deleted my Snapchat app and vowed to not open my Instagram. Technically, I left Twitter, but honestly I am not much of a tweeter myself, so ignoring that was really NBD. While my initial thought of doing this, didn't have a deadline or any kind of timeline, my Facebook notified me it will automatically reactivate in 7 days, and from there I can choose to take another week off or just call it a small win. (Honestly though, after finishing a week, I don't really want my social media back. I'm not ready to turn in my newly loved quiet time. Here's why.)

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My work productivity sky rocketed

I completely understand why work places block Facebook from their employees computers. It's a total distraction. Now considering I work from home, trust me, I have enough distractions already. Having my face glued to my phone every other minute, doesn't help. It also doesn't pay my bills (as awesome as that would be!) So I realized that since I couldn't log into my social media accounts, I had more time to do those daunting work tasks that always get put on the back burner. I found myself not missing as many new opportunities.

People will think you're up to no good

This was a major buzz kill. Sorry friends, for wanting to take some time away from stalking your lives on the internet. So sorry I missed your funny memes, and sorry you think my intentions are dishonorable. Truth is, I wanted to challenge myself, I wanted to use this time to remember the greater things in life. (Not to mention, Lent is months away, but who knows, maybe I will try it again then too.)

People you least expect will check in

This is kinda funny. A part of me imagined that all 800 friends I have on Facebook would reach out and ask "Where'd you go?" "What happened?" "Is everything okay?" While another, most realistic part of me thought that no one would really notice. The latter, was the outcome. You see I voluntarily told a few people what I was doing and only a few reacted in the way I described above. Surprisingly, people who I don't necessarily have the closest relationship with, turned out to be the first to reach out and make sure that I was okay. My best friend thought I basically died. My family didn't notice. Sweet enough though, someone who always gives me a hard time, whom I see everyone once in a while, checked in, asked me how I was doing, and offered an ear if I needed it.

I read an entire book in one day

Granted, it was my favorite book that I have read a million times, and it is not as lengthy as Harry Potter #4. However, I had the time. I went to a restaurant and had lunch by myself, and my phone stayed unopened while I flipped through pages of my story. I didn't spend hours looking at my phone before bed, scrolling through a news feed. I had my book to read and I found it impossible to put down until I finished.

Friends are your followers, but followers are not always your friends

Perhaps this was my biggest ammunition for completing this cleanse. How crazy am I for getting wrapped up in how many followers I have on my Instagram? As if that somehow determines my value or worth in the world. Silly, I know, but I needed to be reminded of that. The hundreds of people that follow me, most probably don't even really know who I am. They see a pretty edited photo, one where I enhanced the lighting and cleaned up any blemishes. They see a flat lay I made showing my favorite items perfectly placed on a counter. They don't see the clutter just outside the photo frame, or how many shots it took to get just the perfect one I actually posted. They don't see the real life, day to day Megan. Just a pretty illusion that I let social media see. It was important to me, to take a break, and focus on those who see me outside of an app. To pay more attention to people who actually like me and not just my photos or funny (at least I hope they are) statuses.

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