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    Social Media's Gone Mad About The Sudden Global Appearance Of This Mystery Object!

    Recently we've been coming across some mysterious videos being shared on social media. Given the never-ending quench for finding alien life, each video shared around the globe brings up the question: "Are they really here this time?" The videos share, what seems to be an unidentified object clearly taking off at a super-sonic speed and disappearing in the clouds! Boy is Spielberg happy now? ?

    Some observers have already taken their videos and uploaded them on Twitter and such!

    There are ongoing discussions about this event being related to the newly revealed 7 planets or not. Another topic is the meteor that made a flyby on February 25th.

    Without further ado, here's the video that started everything in London. Poof and it's up in the air!

    I’ll get every single friend of mine to watch this. LOOK AT THAT! Am I the only one who sees that? #CreatorDay…


    Did you see this? Can sb explain this please? 📹 😱❓ #Belgrade #OMG

    Istanbul - "What was that thing flying over us? A big question mark waiting to be resolved just got added to my life. I just can't make any sense of it. Did you anyone else get this?"

    Tepemizden geçen şey neydi? Hayatımdaki soru işaretlerine bi yenisi eklendi! Asla anlamlandıramıyorum asla! Başka g…

    Last one's from Izmir - "I've grown tired of asking myself the same question. What really was that? 😱 I can't be the only one who saw that now, can I?"

    Kendi kendime ''o neydi ya'' demekten helak oldum!! Hakkaten o neydi ya 😱 bi tek ben görmüş duymuş olamam di mi???

    In all these footages we see an object taking off with a loud blast and disappearing in the clouds!

    We couldn't solve the mystery in one way or another, what do you think? 👽