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    12 TV Couples Who Honestly Made Me Believe In Love

    “I love you and I like you.”

    If there's one thing TV has given us, it's unrealistic expectation for relationships. Here are just 12 of the purest, best TV couples who have warmed our cold little hearts:


    🚨 WARNING: Spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. Monica and Chandler — Friends

    NBC / Via Time Magazine

    Monica and Chandler have been one of the most beloved TV couples since the '90s, but what truly makes them so special is their stability. Unlike the entire Ross/Rachel dynamic, Monica and Chandler were always balanced and strong, and we fell in love with them more as time went on.

    2. Nathan and Haley — One Tree Hill

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    One can say that Nathan and Haley had their fair share of troubles, but think about it: even with the Chris Keller, touring, and Nanny Carrie problems, they made it. And it didn't change the way they felt about each other. Like every other married couple, they worked through their issues, even doing something as realistic as going to couples therapy. They had a shaky base for their marriage, but they worked through it and became the most beloved couple of the show!

    3. Jim and Pam — The Office


    I know they're in, like, every post about TV couples, but I just couldn't resist! Yes, I know people say they got more toxic as the series progressed, but I disagree. If their relationship was free of problems, it wouldn't have been real. I think the way they came through and worked on their issues showed how strong their bond really was. And I mean, just look at them! They couldn't be more in love!

    4. Charlie and Claire — Lost

    Charlie and Claire smile as they sit by the ocean

    Lost had its fair share of beautiful romances that flourished throughout the time on that horrific island, but there's something special about Charlie and Claire. Though their romance was cut short by Charlie's heartbreaking drowning, their love was pure, sweet, and worthwhile. I only wish the producers gave their romance more screen time.

    5. Fitz and Simmons — Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Fitz and Simmons smile and look into each other's eyes

    Need I say more? FitzSimmons is, in my opinion, Marvel's best couple to date. They're not just each other's partners; they're best friends and partners in every sense of the word. What I love best about them is that any hardships that get thrown at them just make them love each other more and fight harder for each other. Just watching them makes me believe that true love knows no bounds! They keep getting torn apart every single season, but they come back even stronger!

    6. Alex and Maggie — Supergirl

    The CW

    I hate the fact that they broke up! Maggie supported Alex through her coming out and then took care of her when there were family troubles. She was always doing her best to make Maggie happy. The best part of their relationship is that neither of them expected the other to make any sacrifices that would affect their life.

    7. Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv — The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


    They're one of the most iconic couples to ever exist! Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv balanced each other out so well that we didn't need another couple to rival their beautiful relationship. They were real, tough, and loving parents to all their kids (yes, even Will!).

    8. Matthew and Mary — Downtown Abbey

    Mary and Matthew smile at each other as the snow comes down around them

    They may actually be my favorite couple on this list. Despite issues of money, control, and duty, the two of them actually fell in love, and not, "I have to love you love," but real, honest, "can't live without you" love. It doesn't get much more romantic than Matthew saying, "You've lived your life and I've lived mine. Now it's time we live them together."

    9. Anne and Gilbert — Anne With an E


    Three seasons of slow build up, beautiful chemistry, and secret looks made you think that all your teenage romances should be like this. They were healthy, stable, and beautiful. Gilbert was Anne's rock, even if she didn't realize it at first. Their heart-melting final confessions were a work of art. I don't think it gets purer than that!

    10. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky — Full House

    Jesse holds Becky's face in his hands

    I really liked the way Becky helped to tame Jesse. They both developed and grew as the show progressed, and it was really beautiful to see. Plus, they put their family first!

    11. Jake and Amy — Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    You can literally see the love on Jake's face every time he looks at Amy. He matures (well, matures for Jake), becomes more responsible, and wants to prove himself to be the best husband he can be. Even in the early stages, they worked through all their problems with humor, maturity, and grace. It's just so clear that they have so much love for each other.

    12. And finally, David and Patrick — Schitt's Creek


    I love Patrick and David separately, so it's only natural that I would love them even more as a couple! From their first meeting to opening their store together, they're simply the best! I love how they grow together and make sacrifices for one another. They're just perfect!


    Did we forget any of your favorite TV couples? Let us know in the comments below!