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    • darkmaitri

      I disagree with you, Kristaffer Sheffield. These are not some of her least meaningful lyrics. I think within the context of her songs they have a lot of meaning. I have not gotten this excited about a new artist in ages. But I know you had good intentions posting that. :) To the article writer: Lana Del Rey/ Lizzie Grant is what Sylvia Plath or Anne Sexton would be doing if they were born in 1985. Google them if you don’t recognize the names. Many of her lyrics are very poetic. And I should know. I am a poet of 30 years, with a graduate degree in English Lit. and a college teacher. And there is a reason that some people may not be able to understand why her lyrics are so depression focused and yet some people do and highly value it. A potential factor of whether a person likes her music and lyrics, could be linked to their creativity and intelligence quotient. Many creatively intelligent people have what is known as ‘existential depression’, or: depression due to a tendency to perceive more processes at work in society, than then average person. So people who like Lana’s music may identify with the kind of feelings that she writes about, for reasons linked to higher intelligence. They may find great solace in a song writer who also sees those qualities they pick up on, at work. Especially if the words are poetic and the music is good, which in Lana’s case, it is.

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