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    • dariusd2

      AsaDJ, even on the psych/mod scene (which has sadly also recently started to become invaded by hipsters) it’s hard to findabalance between playing some damn good tunes that should get played out more often, and playing guaranteed dancefloor fillers. However, I’ve found that once hipsters are pissed enough they’ll dance to anything, because they’re afraid to be seen as uncool, and this might be the tune they “have to know or else” The irony being that (a) they’re secretly all thinking that, and (b) no it isn’t. The trouble is, if you played only the tunes that EVERYONE knew, even in London, then you’d end up playing fuck all- because sadly, today, even thoughawider range of music is far more accessible than it was in my youth (thanks to the Internet), more and more people seem to know less and less- and almost revel in their ignorance.Ihave another theory though- the reason half the hipster population are so stupid is because they’re not proper Londoners anyway, just bumpkins on the piss. Liverpool Street Station, right next door to Shoreditch, is where the associated twats of Essex, Herts, Cambs, Norfolk and Suffolk are able to pour in from every weekend- and they do. What’s interesting is seeing how many of my friends, who are over 30, like decent music and wantalifestyle that DOESN’T cling to you likeafilm of filth, are decamping in the opposite direction.

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