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    If The Kids Are Super Quiet, They're Probably Playing With One Of These 30 Walmart Products

    And by "quiet," we mean preoccupied with these products and not destroying the house from boredom.

    1. A tunnel that should provide at least 30 minutes of entertainment. Your tiny humans can crawl through colorful areas and have their own mini indoor gym.

    Red, blue and yellow tunnel system with ball pit

    2. And a set of balls for the tunnel and ball pit combo above. The balls can be used in other various play tent/activity sets — Think Chuck E. Cheese but at home!

    kid sitting in a multicolor ball pit

    3. A set of liquid floor tiles to appease sensory needs and parent wants for a moment of calmness in the house. Touch each square with your hands *or* have a dance party with your feet to reveal cool colors.

    kids stepping on colorful liquid-filled tiles

    4. A double dance mat so you can dance with your kiddo and burn some calories while working out in your living room. No need to go to the gym later on.

    a mother and daughter dancing on two mats with arrows on it with the supplemental equipment for the game.

    5. A bounce house designed to be used indoors or outdoors. Kid math states that 1 hour of jumping equates to wiggles being gone for 15 minutes — use your 15 minutes of peace wisely.

    Inflatable multicolor bounce house

    6. A bowling toy/ring toss set that'll help improve hand eye coordination and counting all while having fun.

    multicolor bowling pins and balls

    7. A National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano set to revisit some tried and true science fair experiments. These kids will never know how easy it is to have a premade kit, however, you will appreciate the level of independence a child can have when assembling their "lava" project and watching it errupt.

    8. A talking map of the United States of America so your little one can get a fun geography lesson. Plus, you could also learn a few things like a fun fact about North Dakota or New York.

    kid playing with talking map on the floor

    9. A mess-free finger painting set because who wants to hover over their kid while they are painting to make sure paint doesnt get everywhere. Your walls will thank you later.

    the finger-painting set with different finger painting pages

    10. A basketball arcade to train up the next Stephen Curry. Or at least allow you to take a break from the day to see who has the better basketball shot.

    models playing with indoor basketball arcade

    11. A toddler gym that'll redirect your little one from climbing and potentially falling to exploring in a safely cushioned area. Eliminate the need to bubble wrap your entire house with this safe soft corner.

    Baby siting on top of multisize and height cushioned mats

    12. A stackable Strictly Briks tower to take their block projects to new heights. Your kids can use it to build taller towers, play with figurines, or create new structures.

    kid standing next to tower of base plates and blocks

    13. An activity gym with a slide so your toddler can explore and play while you Netflix and chill. A classic activity that is still enertaining the next generation.

    a multicolored plastic box with a slide and holes for children to climb and play

    14. And a foam alphabet playmat for your indoor slide setup. It will provide some cushioning and help prevent your kid from sliding if you have hardwood floors.

    two kids sitting on a multicolor alphabet mat that can be assembled in various ways

    15. A busy board to answer the question of how many zippers, buckles, and ties will keep your toddler occupied for 30 minutes (or more)...

    kids playing with various pages of a busy book

    16. A jewelry making kit so your child can make you a cute BFF bracelet while you still make the cut for your kiddo's BFF list.

    girl pointing to multicolor bracelets made with the kit

    17. A traveling activity box with so many fun things to do (origami, clay, magic, etc.) there is no way your kids will say that they are bored. All supplies are included for an entertaining afternoon at home or on the go.

    Two children engaged in creative play with various craft supplies and educational games spread out on a table

    18. A Polaroid Lego set to occupy time but also tell the story of how you survived your childhood without cell phones and social media and actually used a device like this to take pictures.

    Person holding a vintage-style Polaroid OneStep Land camera, suggesting retro photography shopping.

    19. A pop it puzzle that is a nod to Tetris. New school meets old school with this puzzle. Don't forget to hum the Tetris theme song to keep you and your kid on the clock!

    A family playing with pop it pieces while figuring out where the pieces fit into the puzzle

    20. A Five Crowns card game so fun, you'll actually look forward to playing it with the kids. It's a combination of luck and skill which can prevent parents' winning domination of the game.

    People playing the game holding multicolor numeric and face cards.

    21. An iPad-friendly coding game that will keep your kids engaged for hours with endless options of activities/lessons. Screen time isn't so bad with this game.

    child playing with Osmo Coding Starter Kit for iPad

    22. A classic Uno card game for your kids if they can handle the heat because this remix of a classic game is even more competitive!

    four people holding cards playing cards

    23. Or! Another easy to learn Rack-o card game from the '50s that is still fun and will help kids with learning sequential order.

    picture of cards stacked in plastic card holders

    24. A set of puzzles that will help sharpening problem solving skills, plus you'll have a piece of art to display and keep your kiddos out of your hair for a while.

    a child stacking completed puzzles

    25. Or! A 100-piece puzzle for older kiddos that you can help complete while catching up on the latest elementary school drama.

    puzzle pieces being placed in a puzzle

    26. A Jumanji board game that will help to relive your millennial childhood and entertain the kids. Game does not include cleanup from wild animals invading your home.

    the Jumanji board game

    27. A large Checkers game for indoor and/or outdoor use to brush up on your skills before taking it to the park in the spring for some more competition.

    a hand moving checkers on the checkerboard

    28. A dart board because it's gonna take a lot of practice hours logged to hit the bull's-eye every time.

    kids throwing velcro balls at dart board

    29. A Don't Break the Ice board game which involves your kiddos helping Phillip the Penguin build an igloo with a fun challenge: they can't let the lil' bird drop or else they're out!

    kids playing with Don't Break the Ice game

    30. A Bluey coloring book because who doesn't love Bluey? While you color together you can reminisce on your favorite episodes.

    the Bluey coloring book

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