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America's Next Top Vegetable Season Finale

This week on ANTV the judges must choose the Top Vegetable. Will it be the fruit that poses like a vegetable: Ava-cado? The underdog: Brussela, or the thin leaf veggie: Kaley ?

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The Deliberation

Darius Moreno

Cindy Carrot: Ok it's time for us to decide who will be America's Next Top Veggie. Let's talk about Ava-cado first...

Nigel Broccoli: Ava is versatile and has shown how well she works with other food groups.

C: I agree but Avocado is not a vegetable.

Tyra Tomato: So what, I can relate to Ava being in a veggie dominated market. Breaking through is hard but possible. I was barely ripe when I made my first sandwich and I feel she has what it takes. She poses better than most vegetables.

C: But everyone is not Tyra Tomato. More fruits will think that they can be a vegetable.

T: Or they will praise her for being able to work like both!

C: Well in my opinion Kaley is the most commercially appealing and will sell out salads across the globe.

T: Don't you feel we have enough leaf veggies? I mean what's different about Kale? We have seen her type in previous seasons, she lacks the unique quality that chefs look for in their vegetables.

C: She makes the most sense, she is thin, tall, and has a beautiful color. Every growing vegetable will want to be her.

N: How about Brussela? She has come a long way, from being the least liked vegetable to being featured in plates with bacon. She is the underdog and America's rooting for her.

C: I don't think kids will relate to her. She is more of an acquired taste. She already has a bad reputation and even bacon won't change that.

T: Well, I would Sauté with Brussel Sprouts before I would with Kale.

C: And I would still choose a real veggie over a fruit.

N: Put all these foods in a market and who would be picked first?


Darius Moreno

Ava'cado: I am so nervous right now. I am not sure if the judges are ready for a fruit to win. I am doing this for my family in Mexico. I want to show my little seedster that her big seedster is a winner.

Brussela: I'm honestly surprised I made it this far. It's not everyday you see a brussel sprout on the main menu. What ever happens I'm grateful for this experience.

Kaley: I have nothing to be nervous about. I'm the most qualified contestant and the judges would be fools not to see that. I mean really, Ava is a plus sized fruit and Brussela is just a bite sized cabbage.

The Decision

Cindy Carrot: Brusella will you please step forward?

Brussela I am sorry but you are not America's Next Top Veggie. Please pack your soil and go home.

Brussela: Thank you for this opportunity.

Decision part 2

Darius Moreno

Cindy Carrot: Will Ava'cado and Kaley please step forward?

So who's it going to be? Ava, a fruit who has shown us that she can be tossed with the veggies but the judges still fear she may not have the juice for this market. Then we have Kaley, a beautiful green vegetable, but the judges worry is this just a familiar taste?

Ava'cado congratulations you are America's Next Top Vegetable. Ava'cado: OH MY GARDENER! (Collapses to the floor)

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