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    • darcym5

      Funny that you started your post criticizing ignorance, and then proceed to personally insult the President lol. To address your main point though, all politics aside, Mitt Romney is certain nota’great man’. Venture capitalists are one notch below ambulance chasing lawyers on the universal dirtbag scale. Add to that his tendency to flipflop and his 180-reversal of politics between who he’s been for the past 20 years (a left leaning conservative) and who he became the moment the election cycle started (a far-right-leaning conservative) indicateaclear lack of principle. His unwillingness to reveal his economic plan wasaclear indication that he either didn’t have one, or it was so liberal that it would have upset his voting base, either way you spell it, it’s duplicity. Romney lost the election because the non-partisan voters saw him for what he was…a used car salesman full of smiles and devoid of substance.

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