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    Your Life Story Through 10 Facial Expressions Of The Sauerkraut Kitty

    Sauerkraut Knows How You Feel | @thesauerkrautkitty

    1. When you thought getting a pixie cut was a good idea.

    2. How you imagine yourself in jail.

    3. Trying to look cute while covering your chin acne in a picture.

    4. How you look when your mom makes you reenact a childhood photo.

    5. When your friends look cute at Disneyland and you're just like.....

    6. Every. Single. Time. You. Take. A. Shot.

    7. How you....and everybody looks at the DMV.

    8. How you looked before braces.

    9. Every time you hear someone with your alarm's jingle as their ringtone.

    10. When you ordered a Diet Coke but they gave you Root Beer.

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