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The Real Housecat Of Instagram

Cheese Enthusiast and Exotic Shorthair, @cheddarcheesepuff, digs her paws into the trials and tribulations of being a Real Housecat of Instagram.

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Tears of Velveeta and Boogers of Macaroni.

Suzanne Darcy/ Bravo TV

A tasty delight!

NeNe Cheese

Suzanne Darcy/Bravo TV

Throwing shade since 2013.

ThE oNLy FaKe ThiNg AboUt mE iS....

Suzanne Darcy/Bravo TV

Did you say my litter box isn't encrusted with diamonds?

Suzanne Darcy/ Bravo TV

I saved a Cheeto in my past life.

Suzanne Darcy/ Bravo TV

Dr. Moon can't save you now.

Pass the Ramona Pinot. It's Turtle time!

Suzanne Darcy/Bravo TV

WIne & Cheese are always the best combo.

Chic C'est la Cheese, C'est SaVorY, C'est SwEeT!

Suzanne Darcy/ Bravo TV

Elegance is learned.

Fresh off the Runway & Fresh from the Deli.

Suzanne Darcy/Bravo TV

No spoiled cheese plz.

So nasty and so rude.

Suzanne Darcy/ Bravo TV

No Temptations treats 4 u.

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