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18 Hilarious Harry Potter Posts That'll Make You Spit Our Your Butterbeer

You'll be begging for Gryffin-more.

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1. Lucius's untraditional parenting techniques:

harryjamesp-otatoes / Via

2. The movie misstep we will never get over:

my-harry-potter-generation / Via

3. Maybe Dumbledore could have done better...

iamsodunwithyoujosh / Via

4. How dare they compare muggle machines to the resurrection stone.

sosharky / Via

5. Uncle Vernon was a total swifty.

funharrypotter / Via

6. Hermione isn't taking any shit from Snape.

my-harry-potter-generation / Via

7. Who needs Amortenia when you have these pick up lines?

alohomora-hp-gallery / Via

8. Dobby's death was harder on some of us than others.

cozyhomee / Via

9. Hogwarts orientation is much different from others.

my-harry-potter-generation / Via

10. Besides being a fan of Taylor Swift, Uncle Vernon is also a fan of Frozen.

aviyabe / Via

11. Look at Snape channeling his inner Nicki Minaj.

laughingmypotteroff / Via

12. Forget Hermione and Ron and Ginny and Harry. This is my new favorite Hogwarts couple.

potters-broomstick / Via

13. The biggest clap back in wizard history:

my-harry-potter-generation / Via


funharrypotter / Via

15. Snape's dance moves must have killed at the Yule Ball.

a-very-potter-tumblur / Via

16. This heartbreaking fan theory:

laughingmypotteroff / Via

17. He Who Must Not Be Named is joining the ranks of Hannah Montana and Zack and Cody.

laughingmypotteroff / Via

18. What Dumbledore said to Aunt Petunia, probably:

funharrypotter / Via
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