15 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Describe Life During Finals Week

    Work hard, play hard, and cry harder.

    1. Finals week is officially upon us. It's almost like you didn't know this week was even coming.

    2. It's a week of extreme highs and extreme lows — but mostly extreme lows.

    Going into finals week Bank account: low Health: low Motivation: low Predicted GPA: low Stress/insanity: all time high

    3. Sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

    4. And there's honestly just too much catching up to do.

    Me trying to squeeze the entire weeks worth of homework into one night

    5. Just when things start to look up...

    finals week reminds me of the last lap of Mario kart where the music speeds up & u get hit w a red shell & banana right b4 the finish line

    6. ...an extra assignment rears its ugly head.

    7. But you've TOTALLY got this.

    When things are going smooth and then finals week arrives...

    8. Just take a deep, deep breath.

    *looks at finals week analytical essay assignment

    9. Maybe if you wait long enough, the essays will write themselves.

    Me waiting for this homework to finish itself

    10. Remember to give yourself a break or two.

    Darby Malkin

    11. And schedule some *you* time.

    Me: *watches Netflix happily* *remembers homework, exams and responsibilities* *watches Netflix stressfully*

    12. Make sure you stay healthy and eat three square meals a day!

    13. Remember: It's okay to cry when the going gets tough.

    14. Just make sure you stay organized!

    During finals week my desktop is as disorganized as my life

    Darby Malkin

    15. Mostly, channel your inner RiRi and work work work work work.

    me: never does homework, takes four hour naps after school anyone: h– me: wow my course load is just insane. sorry i cant talk im so busy i

    16. And if all else fails, there's no shame in going with plan B.

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