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    In My Humble Opinion, These Disney Channel Songs Deserved To Go Number One On Billboard's Hot 100

    Y'all gave up on Disney Channel years ago. Not me though.

    1. "Determinate" from Lemonade Mouth

    A singer is on stage under dim lights, performing

    2. "All I Want" from HSMTMTS

    Olivia Rodrigo is sitting on a bed, looking sad

    3. "He Could Be the One" by Hannah Montana

    Hannah Montana is making music with a friend beside her

    4. "Starstruck" by Sterling Knight

    Sterling Knight is singing into a mic

    5. "Don't You Wish You Were Us" from Lemonade Mouth

    Two performers are on stage, facing each other

    6. "Everybody’s Gotta Fit In" from Sofia the First

    Sofia is in the woods, with several animals looking up at her

    7. "Someday" from Zombies

    Two "Zombies" characters gather by a light in the studio

    8. "It's Over" from Cheetah Girls

    Raven Symone is outside of a window with her arms lifted in the air

    9. "Feeling Some Kinda Way" by Kylie Cantrall

    Kylie Cantrall is smiling wide at a desk with two others behind her

    10. "Gonna Get This" by Hannah Montana ft. Iyaz

    Hannah Montana and Iyaz are singing together in a recording studio

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