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What Your Weekends Look Like Before And After Becoming A Parent

Once upon a time the weekend meant sleeping in, brunching, and binging on Netflix. Now it’s about survival.

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Before: It's Friday!!!

VH1 / Via

Ain't nobody gonna hold you down.

After: Friday

Masterpiece Theater / Via Giphy

It's complicated.

Before: How you think about sleep.

Bravo / Via giphy

Two days without an alarm clock.

After: How you think about sleep.

NBC / Via

It's negotiation time.

Before: Pre-gaming

After: What time is the game?

Fox / Via

Before: The morning after

Warner Bros. / Via

After: The morning after

Before: Making plans

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

After: Making plans


Before: Brunch

Apatow Productions / Via

After: 'Brunch'

Before: Road trips

Paramount Pictures / Via

After: Car rides

Via YouTube

Before: Netflix and chill

After: Netflix and Chill

Fox / Via

Before: Birthday parties

Via giphy

After: Birthday parties

NBC / Via

Before: Shopping

NBC / Via

After: Shopping / Via Giphy

Before: Dining out

Via giphy

After: Dining out

Columbia Pictures / Via tumblr

Before: Sunday

After: Sunday

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