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17 Decisions You Should Never Make While Pregnant

You probably can't avoid doing most of these things and it's not fair.

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1. What to watch on TV

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You thought you wanted to watch a serious documentary like Food Inc. or that Frontline special on the NRA. Turns out you cannot handle the truth, about anything.

5. Decide which breast pump to buy.

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The only thing that fancy on-the-go breast pump will do before you've even tried to breastfeed is stare at you from its shiny box with judgment.

6. Pick out baby mementos.


Those baby's first year frames and engraved rattles will twist your heartstrings, give angels wings, and evoke all that is magical and beautiful about life. Look away.

11. Purchase furniture.

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Nothing in that West Elm catalogue is suitable unless you want to nail it to the floor, velcro it to the wall, and remove all the drawers.

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