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    • darapaigeb

      My boyfriend of 7 and a half years, well now fiancé, proposed to me at our apartment, the day after my birthday. Apparently, he had been planning it all day but at the last minute I called and told him I would be working late. I didn’t make it home until after 10:00 PM and I was not at all in a good mood. I should have known something was up because it was late and he was not in his usual sweats and he cleaned the apartment, but I was totally clueless. As we were eating a late dinner, he told me that he went to the pet store and that Brady, our dog, got a new ball. Considering that she gets a new ball almost every time we go to the pet store, I didn’t think much of it. He kept asking if I saw the ball. I saw it had hearts on it and just thought that he bought a Valentine’s Day ball on sale, since Valentine’s Day just passed. I even commented that I was impressed that he got the ball on sale! He realized I wasn’t getting it, so he took the ball out of her mouth and gave it to me to read. On it he wrote, “Will you marry my dad”? It was perfect because it involved my two of my favorite things: food and my puppy!

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