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    • daral

      Kickstart it to buy the rights, FIRST. To my mind, that’s really paramount because then it meansanew series or movie(s) would be made the way they *ought* to be as opposed to being made from the studio’s POV (read that as BOX OFFICE bottom line).Ifell in love with Firefly from the moment the Ballad of Serenity began to play in the opening credits and I’ve wanted to live in that ‘verse asaSerenity crew member ever since. So asadevoted fan,Iwant to see what comes next done in the spirit of the original and have it hold true to the charactersIlove so much. WhatI*don’t* want to see isabastardized abomination made to fit the studio’s idea of what will make them the most money off fans who have salivated for something new for the last 10 yrs. In other words,Ido NOT want to see some craptastic Firefly version of Alien vs Predator. It would be too sad for words.

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