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9 Reasons Why Mary-Leigh Maxwell Should Be Your New Favorite Pin-Up Girl

Mary-Leigh is one of my favorite people ever and it doesn't hurt that she is a hottie hot hottie. This is my attempt to convince you to fall in love with her.

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1. She's a Vegetarian.

That's right, Mary-Leigh is a friend to animals and a fan of living a healthy lifestyle. How else do you think she keeps her body looking so awesome? With McRibs and Cheeseburgers? I think not.

2. Tattoos. She's Got 'Em.

Mary-Leigh is covered in tons of awesome tattoos that most people wish they could pull off. She has literally managed to make a career of her body art. How many people do you know can say that they've done that? Zero. Zero people you know have made a career out of being tattooed.

Also, she pulls off those glasses like a boss.

3. She's A Super Talented Artist.

Mary-Leigh painted this skull on a PIECE OF LOG!!?! I drew a stick figure and a tree for my daughter today when she asked me to draw Elmo, just to put things in perspective for you.

6. New Jersey Native!

Yup. This girl is from New Jersey, incase you couldn't tell by the garden foliage behind her. Garden State, you guys. (Kind of makes you think twice about all those nasty stereotypes).

8. Cosmetologist.

This girl kicks ass at doing hair and makeup.Which is why she always looks perfect. (it's not fair, i say!) In most of her self-posted shots on Twitter (@missmaryleigh) or Instagram (@missmaryleigh), you'll see how flawless she looks, all thanks to her talented self.

9. She models for some super cool brands.

ML has modeled for H2Ocean tattoo & piercing aftercare company as well as the clothing companies: Sourpuss, Sullen, Steadfast Brand, and Heroine.

If I go buy a monogrammed Coach bag and walk around with it, will that count as me being a model too? No? Then Mary-Leigh Maxwell wins again!

If this post hasn't convinced you that Mary-Leigh Maxwell is worth obsessing over, then I suspect you're involved in some sort of terrorism and I'm reporting you to the authorities.

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