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ALONE Ireland

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Irish Charity releases tear jerking Thank You video

ALONE Thank You

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ALONE is an Irish based charity that helps support elderly in Ireland to age at home and help where the government resource is lacking especially needed with Ireland’s aging population. One service offered by ALONE is a befriending system which connects elderly people in Ireland that have found themselves suffering from isolation. ALONE wanted to give their members the chance to say Thank You on the biggest medium of their generation. This was done by organising a screening in the cinema of a short series of videos that ALONE members took part in. As you’ll see this is a really powerful, emotive video, it has been created to raise awareness around the work their volunteers do. The time and effort the volunteers make has a hugely positive impact on people’s lives. Loneliness is a detrimental problem in Ireland proven to be worse than smoking and obesity to the older people in Ireland.

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