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    Signs Of The Cat Infected With Rabies

    Signs of the Cat Infected with Rabies

    Signs of the Cat Infected with Rabies

    2. Normal rabies

    generally patients will also run around like being nervous and confused, they are easily aroused and like to behave in an unusual way by attacking and biting things that are seen as moving by them.

    3. Rabies is silent

    This type of rabies is the opposite of blind rabies, for cats that bear the suffering of rabies, this is relatively quiet. And the different signs they face include losing vitality, the hobby of being alone, not easily triggered, experiencing paralysis, the body often trembling, and having an apathetic attitude.

    4. Like there is no sign of rabies

    Rabies without form is not meaningful not to signal so much. It may be similar to the pronunciation of shakespere which says whatever the meaning of one name, and for signs on this type of rabies include, itching, muscle spasms, stiffness and constipation.

    5. Cats will also look thirsty

    Rabies is a group of diseases in the form of fear of water or hydrophobia. There are also those who say that if the animal is attacked by rabies it is not in the form of hydrophobia, only humans infected with rabies will experience hydrophobia. But some others say different things. That can be proven from when you give water to drink to thirsty rabies cats, the cat will also experience muscle spasms, so it's like the cat is afraid of water.

    6. Restlessness

    Cats will be easily agitated. As well as feeling uneasy without there is a special reason. If your pet cat is like this, you have to be on standby - The cat might have been infected with the rabies virus.

    7. React unnaturally

    The nature of the cat will switch if it has been infected with rabies, because their nerves have been attacked. Generally, animals infected with rabies, including cats, will also become more virulent. The cat will also like to bite and attack anything that moves, including you. Even though you have kept the cat from childhood, because if you have been infected with the rabies virus, the cat's nerves have been disrupted.

    8. Rabies without form

    Cats can also experience signs, signals or signs of rabies without any form. The sign that comes out on this type of rabies is that the cat often feels itchy, sapsmus or muscle spasms, and becomes stiff, and constipated.

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