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Characters From Other Fandoms That Have Appeared In Doctor Who

Who is Who in Doctor Who?

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Have you ever sat down with the family to watch an episode of Doctor Who only to see a familiar face that you just can't place? Well.. so have I! Let's take a look back at Doctor Who's ensemble of famous faces and remind ourselves where we've seen them from. Allons-y

The Cornetto Duo - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Although seen as a duo on the big screen in films such as 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz', Simon Pegg and Nick Frost made their solo appearance on the show over 10 years apart. Simon Pegg, who played the Editor, appeared in the 2005 episode 'The Long Game', and Nick Frost acted as the 'comedy Santa' in the 2015 Christmas special 'Last Christmas'.

John Hurt

John Hurt (R.I.P) gave the fans of the show a shock back in 2013 as he guest starred as the 9th/War Doctor in the 50th Anniversary episode of the show, 'The Day of the Doctor'. He has starred in many franchises such as Alien and Harry Potter

Andrew Garfield

Paola Kudacki / Photograph: Paola Kudacki for th

None other than Spider-Man himself! Andrew played in cameo role in 2007's episode 'Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks' besides David Tennants doctor.

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