What Every Missouri Fan Would Like To Say To The Tigers Today

Thank you for an amazing season, Mizzou. Thanks for bringing the magic back to Columbia. Here's a health to thee.

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And you could've lost the faith. Coming into 2013, all the experts sure did.

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Mizzou was picked by the media to finish 5th — in the SEC East. And got zero votes in any of the national polls.

But then Henry Josey, you came back into our lives. If all you'd done was come back for that one TD against Murray State, that would've been enough.

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Of course, there was more. There was a defensive line that couldn't be stopped.

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A quarterback in James Franklin — tested and questioned in 2012 — who started out the year with 15 TDs in 5 games, and proved every critic wrong.

When things went wrong, you pressed on. When Franklin went down, up stepped Maty Mauk and Bud Sasser and L'Damian Washington.

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  1. Be honest: Did you believe that the Missouri Tigers would win the SEC East after losing to South Carolina?


    Even the truest of True Sons couldn't have expected a four-game winning streak to finish the year. Hoped for it, maybe — but not expected.

What Every Missouri Fan Would Like To Say To The Tigers Today

We're here because of Dorial Green-Beckham, becoming a star right before our eyes.

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And perhaps most of all, we're here because of these gentlemen, who've quietly dominated every game.

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You've been an unstoppable force. Also unstoppable: All of that hair.

That touchdown run to take the lead?

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