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This Prince Guitar Solo Is One Of The Best Guitar Solos You'll Ever See

And also possible proof that Prince was an actual magician.

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Let’s start with the facts here: George Harrison was an amazing guitarist, and the guitar solo on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is one of the greatest guitar solos ever.

Prince was also an amazing guitarist, and this video of Prince honoring George Harrison while playing the guitar solo to “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is nothing short of phenomenal.


Fast forward to 3:27, and enjoy, friends. Then let’s talk.

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OK, you’ve watched? Good. Because we need to break that video down nanosecond by nanosecond.




A bunch of other people are here, too! Steve Winwood is here, and so is Jeff Lynne. They are also not Prince.

Also not Prince, but here's a big shout-out to Way Too Into It Tambourine Guy in the back!


Prince appears out of the freaking darkness, and immediately overtakes everything else onstage. That’s not a spotlight, either — that’s just what normally happens when Prince begins playing guitar.




Let’s take a brief break from the glory of Prince’s face to spare a moment of appreciation for the red hat/red shirt/red pocket square/open collar look (with leopard print guitar strap). This is what Prince wears when he hangs out in Cleveland, and he looks GOOD.


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