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    19 Times When Life Is The Absolute Worst

    Everything is the the WORST.

    1. When it starts raining, and you don't have an umbrella, and you're too far from home to turn back.

    2. When you search and search for a bottle opener, and then realize the bottle is a screw off.

    3. When you can't decide what to order for dinner, then pick something, and then see the EXACT thing you should have ordered show up at the table next to yours two minutes later.

    4. When you realize that there's no more toilet paper on the roll.

    5. When you pour a bowl of cereal and then realize you're out of milk.

    6. When you think there's an extra step on the stairs, but there isn't, and you end up falling/stumbling/tripping over air.

    7. When you find out that your Seamless discount code expired yesterday.

    8. When you go to stream a movie in your Netflix queue, only to learn it's now DVD only.

    9. When you find out your DVR didn't record the last five minutes of the show you really wanted to watch.

    10. When you're meeting someone important and give him/her the worst handshake of your life.

    11. When you go to grab your headphones and realize they're still sitting on your nightstand at home.

    12. When you're five minutes late for something important, and that's when a traffic jam appears out of NOWHERE.

    13. When your phone randomly decides to lose service during a key phone call.

    14. When your subway card is empty and that's the moment the train decides to arrive and leave you stranded.

    15. When you can't figure out which tab is playing music.

    16. When you rush through the airport to get to your gate, and then get there only to find out that your flight is delayed.

    17. When you come home to relax after a long day, and that's when the alarm on the car outside starts going off.

    18. When you just reset your password but the website won't recognize the password you just created like TWO SECONDS AGO.

    19. When you don't realize that you had something in your teeth until hours after it's too late.

    Let's face it: Life is the worst sometimes. Sorry.