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The NCAA Needs To Kill All These Ugly Uniforms

Boise State's blue jersey/blue field combination is apparently too much for the NCAA to handle. But shouldn't these other ugly jerseys be banned, too?

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An NCAA committee met this week to discuss new rules for college football. They made some proposals. A second NCAA panel will vote on those proposals next month. One of the proposed rules is a bit strange. According to the NCAA, the new rule would "require teams to have either their jersey or pants contrast in color to the playing field."

In contrast to the playing field? What team could that possibly refer…

Oh, right. Boise State — subject of frequent complaints from vanquished opponents who say their blue-uniform-on-blue-turf combo gives them a camouflage-style competitive advantage. Which seems like a stretch: over the last seven seasons, Boise is 43-6 away from home — including wins at Georgia and at Oregon and on neutral sites vs. Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, and TCU.

But the NCAA is going about this all wrong. Instead of arguing that this blue-on-blue pairing is bad for the teams themselves, they should be pitching it as a measure designed for the fans. Specifically, fans watching at home on ESPN.

Just look at this screenshot. It's annoying, right?


Now see the blue jerseys in motion. Three hours of this is almost unwatchable.

So there's your opening, NCAA. Rewrite the rule. Require teams to have both their jersey and pants be visually pleasing to those of us watching in high def.

And banning Boise's unis based on the needs of TV viewers would also give the NCAA the freedom to ban other crazy jerseys based on the rule of unwatchability.

See these uniforms, with the blindingly shiny helmets?



And these, with the color scheme that only makes sense if you have a deep knowledge of the biography of Lord Baltimore?

No more!

Or these jerseys, which could otherwise be seen as a tacit NCAA endorsement of weirdly skinny fonts?



And these hideous things on Nebraska below, which feel like they were designed by the same guy who drew up the periodic table?

See ya!

And best/worst of all: These jerseys, with enough orange to make a Dutchman blush?

Gone forever.

Point is, NCAA: If you're going to ban Boise's uniforms, then get the rest of this ugly off our TV screens, too. Use this loophole, and stop letting these apparel companies ruin our Saturdays in HD.