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    The 28 Fiercest Moments In The Life Of The Statue Of Liberty

    Do not mess with Lady Liberty. Not this week. Not ever. She is far too independent for you.

    1. When the light came up over the Hudson, and she was there.

    2. When she was proud.

    3. Strong.

    4. Fierce.

    5. And she was all like:

    6. Because this was a moment for America.

    7. And she was Lady Freaking Liberty.

    8. And right then, you knew: This lady wasn't messing around. You thought you could come in here with that attitude? Oh, HELL NO.

    9. This was her land, and her time.

    10. You do not mess with her on a day like this. You got that straight?

    11. There was that time she gave you the side eye.

    12. That day she straight up threw shade at you.

    13. And that shade came with a side of stars and stripes. DAMN RIGHT, haters.

    14. She did not back down from that moment. You though you knew divas because you watched a little Bravo? Oh, HELL NO.

    15. This is a diva, and this diva was not messing around! DOES SHE LOOK LIKE SHE'S MESSING AROUND??

    16. They flew jets right over her head. BIG ASS FIGHTER JETS. And she didn't even budge.

    17. They tried to stick a space shuttle in her path. She didn't even give it the time of day. It wasn't worthy.

    18. You want to come in her house? GTFO.

    19. LOOK AT HER. Her eyes were fierce.

    20. Her crown made mere mortals quiver.

    21. Her right arm was HUGE. You think you're getting toned in that pilates class? Try holding up a damn torch for 127 years. THAT will get you jacked.

    22. And anytime someone tried to bring some sass, she just gave this look. Haters, BACK OFF: She's the force that powers this land.

    23. She would not be distracted.

    24. She would not be moved.

    25. She would NOT put up with any of your shit.

    26. For that day, she was Liberty.

    27. She was justice.

    28. And you do not mess with a woman as fierce as this.