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28 Signs You Grew Up In Kansas City

You're not just from the Midwest — you're from Kansas City. The land of the free, and the home… of the… CHIIIIIEEEEEFS.

1. Your BBQ place says a lot about who you are.

Bryant's, Gates, or Oklahoma Joe's?

2. The announcement of Boulevard's new seasonal beer beats any wedding/birth/graduation announcement you will ever receive.

3. You own more Royals T-shirt jerseys than any other item of clothing.

4. But you can't name more than three players on the current roster.

5. You know what a Jayhawk is, and you have strong feelings about it.

6. And you're dead certain that there's no better place to be on a spring day than the Plaza.

7. When you hear the words "Suicide Hill," you immediately think: "Greatest snow day EVER."

8. You know this map by heart.

9. And somehow, you no longer giggle when you drive past this.

10. You have a potentially unhealthy obsession with Tech N9ne.

11. You're not entirely sure what the outdoor venue in Bonner Springs is called this year, but that won't keep you from going this summer.

12. You've done that drive to Denver. You know, to the second, how long it takes to get there. And you know exactly how painful every single one of those seconds feels.

13. You actually know what the "S" in Harry S. Truman stands for.

14. Everyone you know works at Cerner, and that doesn't seem weird.

15. Of course, you also don't think it's weird that you're never more than three degrees of separation from anyone in a city with millions of people.

16. Or that driving 45 minutes is considered going "across town."

17. You know exactly where this sign is.

18. When you got hungry, you knew just the place.

19. You believe that this probably happened.

20. You will, to your dying day, contend that Don Denkinger made the right call at first base.

21. You're 98% sure that the final word of the national anthem is "CHIEFS!"

22. And you don't think it's weird that there's an unused spaceship right in the middle of town.

23. You're tired of the stereotype that everyone in the Midwest is an overweight redneck.

Ginger Rogers: Born in Independence. David Cook: Raised in Blue Springs. Kate Spade: Born and raised in KC.

24. You know that this is what a real opera house looks like.

25. You expect more from your library. Outdoor theaters too.

26. And you believe that great things can start right in the Heartland.

27. Yes, you've spent a good chunk of your life explaining what state your hometown is in.

28. But the only thing that really matters is this: You're from KC, one of the greatest cities on Earth.