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    Ole Miss Hit The Rarest Of Buzzer Beaters Last Night

    How in the name of Bryce Drew did Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson inbound the ball on one side of the court and then hit the game-tying shot on the other side of the court just two seconds later?

    There's 3.2 seconds left in the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss game. Vandy's at home, and thanks to two three-pointers in the previous 60 seconds, they're up, 78–75.

    3.2 seconds doesn't give the Ole Miss offense many options. For some perspective:

    Christian Laettner and his famed turnaround versus Kentucky? 2.1 seconds.

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    Bryce Drew's buzzer beater versus Ole Miss? 2.5 seconds.

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    To go coast to coast, you need a really fast player. Think Tyus Edney versus Missouri — but even he had 4.8 seconds.

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    So what's the Ole Miss strategy?

    Here's guard Marshall Henderson inbounding the ball with 3.2 seconds left.

    And here's…Marshall Henderson catching the ball for the game-tying shot with 1.3 seconds left.

    Wait, what?

    How the hell did he get all the way to the other side of the court in 1.9 seconds? And end up completely unguarded? Nobody moves that fast. Usain Bolt riding a cheetah riding a Japanese bullet train doesn't move that fast.

    As far as buzzer beaters go, this is virtually unprecedented. The inbounder simply cannot run fast enough to get in position to take the shot that Henderson did. It defies the space-time continuum.

    There's got to be a better explanation for it.

    So let's go to the video:

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    And there's your answer: bad defense.

    In last-second situations, teams often won't guard the man inbounding the ball so that they can double team another player. But here, Vanderbilt fails to guard both the man inbounding the ball and the man catching the inbounds pass. The clock doesn't start until the ball is touched, and by that time, Henderson's a third of the way up the floor.

    So Henderson is fast — just not that fast.

    But kudos to Ole Miss for taking advantage — and for executing the incredibly rare buzzer beater in which the guy who inbounds the ball somehow hits the game-tying three from the other side of the court only seconds later.

    You earned this face, Marshall Henderson:

    Oh, and Ole Miss went on to win the game by 10 in overtime. They're now 14-2 and in first place in the SEC.