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    Old Bay Seasoning Is A Gift From The Gods

    It goes on crabs. It goes on fries. It goes on everything. It is all-purpose and always tasty. It is all you will ever need.

    Can we talk for a second about what's inside here?

    Inside this box is the best, purest, most amazing substance on Earth. It is not merely a spice. It transcends spice. It is insulted by the label "spice."

    This is Old Bay Seasoning we're talking about here. It is perfection. If there is a God, Old Bay is proof that God obviously spent his/her formative years somewhere near the Chesapeake Bay.

    Do you know what Old Bay goes great on? It tastes amazing on chips.

    On popcorn.

    And wings.

    Have you ever put Old Bay on french fries or potato wedges before? If not, prepare yourself, because you're about to have your MIND BLOWN.

    It's great when you're cooking on the grill.

    It's life-changing on eggs.

    And it's best of all on crabs. Old Bay with crabs is a magical experience. Words cannot describe it.

    Maybe you're thinking, "Couldn't I just sprinkle some salt and pepper and paprika on my food? Won't that be pretty much the same thing as Old Bay?"

    And the answer is: NO, OF COURSE NOT. Old Bay is made in a factory with, like, fairy dust or something. It is amazing and cannot be recreated by mere man.

    This is the kind of spice you give that special someone on Valentine's Day. Or hand out as party favors.

    You DIY with it.

    You dress up as it for Halloween.

    You knew at an early age that this was the only seasoning you'd ever need.

    And you're just as hardcore as ever about it. You crave its scent. You long for that feeling you get when it hits your tongue.

    Heck, you'd dedicate your wedding cake to it.

    Because this is all you really need for dinner.

    Because this is the truth spoken from on high.

    And when you think of love, you'll always see this.