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    Why May 16th Is Secretly The Greatest Birthday Of The Entire Year

    Nothing of historical importance has ever happened on May 16. Which makes it the PERFECT day to have a birthday.

    May is an awesome month.

    The weather's great. Everything’s in bloom. And summer's almost here!

    The month starts with so much excitement.

    And it ends equally awesome.

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    Memorial Day FTW.

    But right in the middle, there's May 16: A day not really notable for anything at all.

    What's happened on this day in history? Mary Queen of Scots fled to England on May 16, 1568.

    Kinda cool, I guess.

    The nickel was created on this day in 1866.

    Flickr: bolonski

    It's America's third best coin?

    There was the Battle of Albuera in 1811.

    And nobody big was born on May 16, either.

    Who was born on May 16? How about Megan Fox.

    John Shearer / AP


    Adam Richman.

    Has a food show that isn't even on Food Network.

    Tori Spelling.

    David Livingston / Getty Images

    Does anyone still really remember the '90s?

    William Seward.

    Wasn't one of the cool secretaries of state, like John Foster Dulles.

    But there's good news.

    You probably know someone born on May 16.

    This is an excellent, wonderful thing. Because May 16 needs some bigger names. And your friend might turn out to THE famous thing to happen to May 16.

    Your friend, legitimately, could end up the most famous person from a single day in the history of the world — which is pretty impressive.

    So what should you do about this?

    You should celebrate, obviously. Your friend's birthday is the reason you get to make May 16 a really big deal.

    You've now got an excuse to have fun on another otherwise celebration-less day.

    So wish your friend a happy birthday, and then do something awesome. Why? Because it's May 16!

    And May 16 is a pretty awesome day.