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    Mar 5, 2013

    This ESPN Announcer Simply Has More Swag Than You

    Jay Bilas calls college basketball games for a living. But he's also living proof that one human can have truly undeniable swag.

    This is ESPN's Jay Bilas.

    Fans know him as one of the premier basketball announcers in the country. But did you know that he also has some of the best swag in America?

    He wakes up every morning to some Jeezy.

    He makes time for hoops.

    He thinks about where he came from.

    And all the amazing people he's met along the way.

    He throws on "The Big Lebowski" for a few minutes.

    He even makes small-town Indiana basketball look swagged out.

    Then he goes out into the world. He makes his entrance, modest as always.

    And he does the work that only he can do.

    And he does it all while staying impeccably dressed.

    Your swag is undeniable, Jay Bilas. Stay trill.